GanJaCoin(GanJa) Defi (Decentralize Finance)

What is Decentralize Finance ?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to manage financial transactions outside the control of traditional financial institutions such as banks, brokerage firms, and government-run exchanges. DeFi aims to parallel traditional, centralized institutions, call them mediators, with direct peer-to-peer financial relationships for loans, mortgages, and asset trading.


Deposit - loan services Cryptocurrency Currently, the Compound has valued the US $ 156 million in 1 year, growing 600% and lending $ 220 million.


MakerDAO: Money Making Platform Cryptocurrency, DAI with a fixed value of 1 USD using Cryptocurrency Other currencies are guaranteed by MakerDAO, with a value of $ 675 million.


Uniswap: Money Exchange Service Cryptocurrency Without a middleman with a value of $ 43.6 million in the system.

GanJaCoin(GanJa) Defo (Decentralize Forexchange)

What is Decentralized ForEx ?

Decentralized ForEx (DeFo) is the Neutrino protocol interface, providing effective tools for swapping stable assets via smart contract. Smart contract ensures reliability, transparency, and virtually unlimited liquidity at a predetermined rate.

GanJa pools

Invest in GanJa pools. Your funds will ensure the stability of the pool, and will also generate income from staking and from fees received by pool liquidity providers for swaps of Neutrino assets.

GanJa Staking.

For best operating with your received stable assets, you can stake them with up to 15% of annual income. Interests paid daily. By staking your assets you can avoid the risk of volatility and always increase your incomes.

Algorithmic Trading.

Algorithmic trading investment is a semi-DeFi product on the Waves blockchain. The invested funds are accumulated on the Waves blockchain and used as collateral on the smart contracts, which are then proxied into algorithmic trading strategies among few centralized exchanges.

GanJa Coin (GanJa) is Utility token with multiple benefits.

No more ICO,but taking an ICD (Initial Coin Distribution)

We sincerely believe that GanJaCoin (GanJa) should be owned by our community supporters worldwide,that's why we are abandoning the ICO model and taking an ICD (Initial Coin Distribution) approach to our GanjaCoin campaign.We will distribute the 300,000,000 tokens to the community for free,but only to those with in-depth knowledge of the Cannabis for Medical world and GanJa Defi Network's Concept.

Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS)

Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS) is an enhanced type of proof of stake consensus algorithm (opens new window)by which the Waves blockchain network aims to achieve the distributed consensus to secure the network. Nodes can use the leased tokens to generate blocks and get the mining reward. LPoS allows the token holders to lease their tokens to the Waves nodes and earn a percentage of the payout as a reward.

Facility project auctions

GanJa Coin (GanJa) stores tangible value and ensures liquidity. It constantly accrues Capital Gain donated by Cannabis producers and accumulates real value in a form of Gain. GanJa Coin (GanJa) also provides priority access to the renewable cannabis generation facility project auctions on the GanJa Defi Network platform.

Capital Gain.

With time, the GanJa Coin (GanJa) reflects the total amount of trust given to Cannabis by its current and previous owners.The distribution of the GanJa Coin (GanJa) is irrevocable and adds a unique index of trust value to the GanJa Defi Network. In the future, it will be the only decentralized and reliable indicator of The GanJa Defi Network’s potential value.

Global GanJaCoin Community

WE are the 1st Crypto Currency Network Marketing Company! Learn more about Crypto Currency and how we see it revolutionizing the world as we see it today! PRESENTATION OPPORTUNITY BUSINESS. GanJa Defi Network Reserve is driven to helping our members not only with their trading services, but also with improving their financial well being. Our wealth building platform includes these helpful tools:  Tax Estimator Business Expense Manager Debt Reduction Manager Credit Repair Manager Financial Education Library To find out more please take a look at our product presentation. FINANCIAL TOOLS /// We Support You To Improve Your Finances

GanJa Global Mapper

What is GanJa Global Mapper? GanJa Global Mapper is an affordable and easy-to-use GIS application that offers access to an unparalleled variety of spatial datasets and provides just the right level of functionality to satisfy both experienced GIS professionals and beginning users.

Store discountd

GanJa is fuel to GanJa’s Platform. It is a utility token that allows users to pay for products and services on the platform at a discounted rate. GanJa will be ready to use once GanJa Defi Network Store Hub goes live. goes live. Tokenholders enjoy many benefits including

How to Become a Co-Partner GanJaCoin(GanJa) Defi Network Store Hub ?

Long Term Stability

The goal of all businesses is to remain relevant for a long time and reach its set corporate goals. Having business partners mean you are no longer operating in isolation. You’ll have access to more knowledge, innovation, expertise, and funds. The bottom line? A great business partnership makes you better, lifts up your weaknesses, and enhances your strengths. In the end, this is all you need to be relevant for a very long time and help your business achieve its objectives and key results.Suffice is to say all businesses need to look for the perfect strategic partnership that complements their activities as it is a sure way to grow any business moving forward. If large multinational corporations like Google, Apple, Luxottica, and others still see the strategic partnership as a way to grow and expand their business horizons, then there should be no excuse for any business owner to not follow suit and reap the benefits that come with a well-aligned partnership.

How does GanJaCoin (GanJa) help with Strategic Partnership?

GanJaCoin (GanJa) is a “goal setting methodology” that helps organizations achieve ambitious goals by bringing together individuals, teams and the entire workforce, and guiding them in the same direction. Let’s go through an GanJaCoin (GanJa) example to get a clear understanding of how GanJaCoin (GanJa) works. Consider that you need to improve your company’s partnership base. This can be done by seeking advice from experts in the field, teaming up with consulting firms, and increasing the number of trade associations.

As you can see, the GanJaCoin (GanJa) methodology allows you to focus everyone’s efforts on what really matters and measure the performance of your team. In general, people who have been in partnerships claim that it is difficult to maintain such agreements when objectives are not shared or clearly expressed. GanJaCoin (GanJa) solves this issue because it provides both parties with quantitative clarity, which leads to synergy and success.