GanJa Defi Network

Symbol: GanJa

GANJA COIN (GANJA) is Utility Token was developed on the waves platform.

The total token Issued is 365,000,000,000 GANJA (365 Billion).

The total token Burn is 364,635,000 GANJA (364,635 million).

The total token supply is 365,000,000 GANJA (365 million).

The total token Circulating is 65,000,000 GANJA (65 million).

TOKEN BURN PROGRAM Every 60 days, Ganja Coin will initiate a buy-back program with a portion of funds earned.Up to 20% of Ganja's net operating profits diverted to buyback at 20% above the greater of market or placement token price.Now token Burn is 364,635,000 GANJA (364,635 million).

The token can assume various types of usability. One of the features will be for payment of sponsored services on the Ganja platform.

To get the token, you can either buy it on Decentralised Exchange (DEX).

The token is tradable in Waves Decentralised Exchange (DEX).

GanJaCoin(GanJa) to be backed by seeds! 1 GanjaCoin (GANJA) = 1 cannabis feminized seed.

Asset ID : 8u59NePqUa2FfQrqduhR7fviGb6EDA2Shsq3XwwNczUt

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Ganja Coin (GANJA)
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Waves : Waves Decentralised Exchange (DEX)

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pasting the token code, in the search : 882VjGQB5mnaF8ydzNvFdHiqB7i2Bej1wG3B1fBweMAy

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The Power of Utility Ganja Coin

Token Name : Ganja Coin

Token Symbol : Ganja

Decimals : 6

Description : The world first Coin to global cannabis for Medical.

Total Token Issued : 365,000,000,000

Total Token Burn : 364,635,000,000

Total Token supply : 365,000,000

Total Token Circulating : 65,000,000

Token Burn Program : Every 60 days, to buyback at 20% above the greater of market or placement token price.

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Ganja investment

Ganja Coin (GanJa) to Global cannabis for Medical Fund.



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Ganja Coin (GanJa) to global cannabis for Medical Fund

Cannabis for Medical Fund is a fund to help and support SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). and SMCE (small and micro community enterprise) in Thailand permitted by the laws of the country in the production of cannabis for medical .

Belle Beck

April 30th, 2019 at 14.21

GanJaCoin(GanJa) to GanjaTV

GanJa TV is part of GanJa Coin(GanJa) Mission. on duty medium for cannabis expert both Thai traditional medicine and modern medicine for the benefit of society.We provide knowledge about cannabis and most importantly for the mouth of the people We continue to stick to marijuana with our free medical cannabis policy.

Harriet Barrett

January 18th, 2018 at 17.10

GanJa Coin (GanJa) to Cannabis Event: The World Ganja Festival

Thailand prepares itself for allowing cannabis use for medical reasons. The liberalisation of cannabis laws in the Kingdom. Beneficial Thailand Cannabis Event 2020 This beneficial Thailand cannabis event is all about promoting the medical uses of the plant. The event will show how it can be an essential cash crop for Thai people. The event is organised by GanJaCoin (GanJa)

Fannie Simmons

January 31, 2020 10:00 am